What type of cables does GLS Audio carry?

We carry the following types of cables:

  • Instrument Cables
  • XLR Mic & Speaker Wires
  • TRS Stereo Cables
  • Bulk Cables
  • Connectors/Adaptors

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What does ‘XLR’ stand for?

‘XLR’ stands for ‘External Line Return’, and it is a type of electrical connector cable commonly used for professional audio, video, and stage equipment.

What does ‘TRS’ stand for?

‘TRS’ stands for ‘Tip, Ring, and Sleeve’, and it is a type of audio jack containing these three components that make it suitable for both mono and stereo signals.

What does ‘AWG’ stand for?

‘AWG’ stands for ‘American Wire Gauge’, and it is a standardized electrically-conducting wire gauge system that, in our case, helps determine compatibility between audio equipment. The number that comes before ‘AWG’ (i.e. 16 AWG) is a measure of the wire’s electrical current capacity.

What makes GLS Audio different from competitors?

We’ve been delivering quality professional audio accessories and equipment since the 60s, so we know what sounds good and what makes musicians tick. Besides our long-standing reputation in the industry, what makes us stand out from competitors is the affordability of our equipment, which we are able to achieve by cutting out the middle man to deliver products directly to the consumer at an unmatched price. Nevertheless, quality equipment designed to be used on and off the stage will always be what we do best.

What makes a good professional audio cable?

There are several factors that can improve the quality of sound that an electric instrument produces based on the type of audio cable that is used:

  • Oxygen-free copper runs cooler and is more conductive than “regular” copper
  • Multi-layer shielding for noise reduction
  • Tight internal cable braiding to prevent sound interference
  • Universal compatibility (cable can fit an amplifier, a guitar, tuner, mixers, etc)
  • Straight & angled plugs can be advantageous for stage performance 

Are all audio cables the same?

In short, no, not all audio cables are the same. Although audio cables may look similar to the naked eye, different factors such as material, construction, AWG, and more, can determine the purpose and effectiveness of an audio cable. 

What type of cable is used for guitars?

The type of cable needed for a guitar is the same type of cable used for all electric instruments. Guitars, basses, and keyboards all require (at the very least) a basic quarter-inch jack cable. For an even clearer sound, a musician may use a cable that is made of oxygen-free copper.

Do the length of cables impact quality of sound? 

In most cases, cable length will not impede on sound quality. However, excessively long cables have been known to make a slight difference in speaker volume. Fortunately, audio pros can count on GLS Audio to deliver premier quality sound equipment, including cables of acceptable lengths.